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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a profoundly powerful

self-applied tool that re-writes old limiting beliefs and erases our negative emotions, literally changing our subconscious programs to initiate healing, reduce inflammation, and positively express our genes. EFT develops positive states, regulated emotions, and actively transforms the character of our lives so they are filled with love, health, and prosperity, literally changing our subconscious programs!


Emotional Freedom Techniques



You simply tap on about 8 acupressure points on our meridian end points. This sends a message to our amygdala (our flight, fight, or freeze part of the brain) to reduce our stress response. This reprograms the way we perceive and respond to our environment/situations to help us better handle our daily lives by diffusing the negative emotions we experience from our past and in the present.


Immediate results will occur even in those with traumatic backgrounds. You will also learn to tap on your own when unable to work with a practitioner. 


Please watch this video to learn about the miraculous results from the Veterans Stress Project, the Health Care Worker’s Study, and a Galvanometer demonstration explaining acupoints. I was a skeptic too, until I saw the science behind EFT and the 100’s of clinical trials where people experienced miraculous effects.



I am passionate about helping people eliminate all of their negative emotions, so they can live a long and healthy life without their physical bodies holding onto past traumas, unhappy life events, and people who have brought them down.  I believe in joy and love for all, once they eliminate all the “dirt in their backpacks”. 

I am Clinically certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Hypnosis, Nutrition, and Essential oils. I walked along side my Dad suffer Alzheimer’s and my mom suffer uterine cancer.  I believe my dad could have avoided with Alzheimer’s with diet and lifestyle changes, and I believe the stress my mom endured caregiving for my dad ended up with her cancer cells expressing themselves.  My hope is that this website will fall into to the hands of the people who can benefit and heal from emotional trauma… whether it makes logical sense or not. There is a study showing if you are happy, then your neighbor is 45% more likely to be happy, and that neighbor is 15% more likely to be happy! My 90 day bullet proof program can move you past trauma and get you motivated to live the life you want.

Discover EFT with Sonia in this video!

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