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What Can

EFT Help With?

Anxiety affects almost everyone today, and is proven to be alleviated by 68% with EFT. After you become accustomed to tapping, you will find tips to tap prior to anxiety approaching. I invite you to join me in a guided tapping session by a waterfall in Cedar Mill, Oregon.


Depression can be peeled away a layer at a time with EFT. You may be able to clear the little things by yourself, and with the aid a practitioner you can clear the bigger issues holding you back from being the person you know you can be. I invite you to join me in a guided tapping session in the video here by the fire in front of the Three Sisters (Faith, Hope, and Charity) in Black Butte, Oregon.

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Insomnia affects almost everyone today, and stress is a big factor in sleep deprivation. I have best practices for a restful sleep, and several tapping scripts around a resistance to a bedtime routine, winding–down before bed, and full body relaxation tapping before bed. I also have reserved an 8pm Wednesday evening session for Insomnia clients only. Please watch this video for a winding down before bed tapping video, it will help reduce stress. E-mail me for a free “Best Practices For a Restful Sleep” PDF at

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Nutrition is my next biggest passion aside from EFT. I believe so many health challenges can be alleviated with a plant based, nutrient dense diet.

I prescribe to Dr. Fuhrman’s “G-BOMBS” recommendation for a daily guide to healthful eating. Greens-Beans-Onions-Mushroom-Berries-Seeds/nuts. I started with trying to eat “the rainbow” at every meal, there entered juicing to get my greens in the AM. I also enjoy a lot of smoothies packed with phytonutrients and macronutrients. 


Trauma is one of the most effective events that EFT can help erase. EFT has 3 very effective gentle techniques to help PTSD or capital “T” traumas. Even little traumas, making no logical sense, can adversely affect a person’s disposition. This video invites you recall from a distance a lifetime of memories, but many times when we knock down one troubling emotional event, other little events fall by the wayside. Grab a pencil and something to write on, and enjoy a Personal Peace Procedure at a Beach in San Diego, California.




Please watch this video to learn about the miraculous results from the Veterans Stress Project, the Health Care Worker’s Study, and a Galvanometer demonstration explaining acupoints. I was a skeptic too, until I saw the science behind EFT and the 100’s of clinical trials where people experienced miraculous effects. If you have more questions, contact me!

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