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Sculpt Your Psyche:

Past Scars to Empowered, Peaceful, and Happy in 90 Days

Is resentment, anger, anxiety, and negative looping thoughts running on repeat in your mind? Are you so tired of feeling this way, does it feel like you can't get rid of the same feelings and emotions coming up over and over?  I feel your pain, I get it, I’ve been there.  Crying so hard in desperation to quiet the voices in my mind, and many more hypothetical visions that my mind ran away with.

Join me in being nurtured and guided every step of the way.  Using a synergy of tried and proven modalities to take you to living a life where you wake up happy and excited for the day taking inspired action to create the life you really want.  Clients have described this process as the “best they have ever had”, and felt like I was "their mid-wife into birthing a new beginning”. 

This program is 4 modules with 5 lessons in each module.   

About This 90 Day Program

The Modules

Breakthrough The Chains Of The Past: Identify and heal traumatic experiences, starting the process of quantifying the impact on your life.


Session 1: Journey to Inner Calm: Preparing Your Path To Peace

Session 2: Master Neuroplasticity: A framework for healing

Session 3: Conversation with The Hurter: Righting the Wrongs of Those Who Have Hurt Us

Session 4: Forgiveness a Pathway to Peace: Powerful New Approach to Unmask the Roots of Suffering

Session 5: Releasing The Past Meditation: A peaceful Audio Guiding You to Let Go of Historical wounds, embrace your undiscovered self, and ignite a vast universe of dormant abilities and potentials.

Healing from the Past:
A 5 Step Breakthrough Process


Transcend the cacophony of self-doubt, and face each decision, conversation, and challenge with an unwavering voice of self-assurance.


Session 1: Bend The Rules of The Mind: A Blueprint to Shatter Resistance

Session 2: Liberated Mindset: Unleashing Inner Power with Ho’Oponopono and The Secret Mirror

Session 3: Good Good Vibrations: Nurturing Inner Tranquility

Session 4: Happiness Hardwired: Harnessing Emotional Liberation

Session 5: Unleashing Confidence Hypnotherapy: Pathway to Vitality and Self Love

Radiant Confidence:
Overcoming Resistance with
3 Proven Steps


Harnessing your Power within: Shifting Beliefs and Possibilities.


Session 1: Inner Child Upgrade: Rejuvenation to your authentic self

Session 2: Triggers Twinkles: Gratitude Hardwired with a simple 2 minute routine

Session 3: Portals To Transformative Personal Growth: Chakras Healed and Aligned. 

Session 4: Affirmations with Proof: Optimizing the Inner to Inform the Outer.

Session 5: Thought Sculpting with Riff’s: Choreographing the Inner Dialogue

Empowering Inner Strength:
Unlock Limiting Beliefs to Boundless Inner Strength


Session 1: Mastering Energy Flow in Body and Mind: Engage the body to Empower the Mind

Session 2: Lifebook Purge:  Optimizing Inner and Outer Goal Alignment

Session 3: Procrastination to Igniting Action Tapping Experience: Alignment for Optimized Productivity with Tapping

Session 4: Overcoming Resistance to a Laser Focused Year: Letting go of Shame Resistance with Tapping

Session 5: Integration Tapping Meditation: Creating a Personal Sanctuary with Grounding and Calming the Mental Whirlwind.

Closing Video: Celebration and Next Steps

Breakthrough Procrastination
Into Laser Focused Action


I have had hundreds of healing sessions transforming people from painful traumas in their past leading them into a life with inner calm and peace.  - Sonia

Testimonials, Details & Bonuses

“I was struggling with anxiety around past experiences, and our sessions helped relieve the trauma surrounding those memories.  Sonia’s way of getting to the root of the anxiety is so intuitive.  I had no idea how powerful EFT and Hypnosis could be”.

 “Sonia, you have touched my life so profoundly over the past few month that it feels like I was experiencing a new birthday every week”.


Value $69!

Sweet Dreams Tapping: Say goodbye to old routines and insomnia with this 16 minute Sweet Dream Tapping Session

Value $49

Good Mood Cookbook and Lose Weight Too Ebook!

Value $29


Plus: Finish the course in 90 days and I will physically mail you an Empowerment Sticker for your laptop, water bottle, or mirror!

Reminder what is included in the Program.

- Downloadable Meditations/Hypnotherapy Audios (customized for each module)

- 5 Recorded Sessions Per Module

- Unlimited e-mail, whats app, and text messaging with Sonia

-2 bonuses: 16 minute Sweet Dreams Session and 5 Day Diet Cookbook!

Get ready to transform with a supporting hand every step of the way! 

I can’t wait to meet you!


With Gratitude,


Sign Up & Get Started!

Investment $190

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